A simple and easy to use system

Book laundry time in the iOS, android app or in-House app website.

Log in with your username and password

Choose your laundry time

Receive a notification 2 hours before your laundry time starts


If all slots for the next 48 hours are booked but you need to do laundry NOW - just cue for the next available time. When a neighbour cancels their laundry time - it’s yours!

Apply for emergency time in the app

If a neighbor cancels his time, it will go directly to you


Easy to implement

A housing association is already busy, taking care of a building is a lot of work. inHouse-app makes it easier to communicate, book common areas and alert went something is wrong, such as a break in or damage. inHouse-app is an app on your smartphone or tablet, also available on our webb.

Communicate with all residents

Sick and tired of writing notes and putting them in everyones mailboxes? Hard to reach certain residents? No problem. Our communication tools Pinboard and message makes it easy to reach everyone, communication is key for a happier and more engaged housing association.

Adaptable to your needs

In the admin tool you choose the apps your housing association needs. Nothing more, nothing less.

Overview when the laundry room is used to increase the optimization of the space




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