inHouse-app enables all residents to communicate better, book common spaces such as laundry room, BBQ and reach important documents.


Communicate with all residents regarding important information that has until now required pen and paper and running around putting notes up to make sure everyone gets the info. Or a note in everyones mailbox.

The co-op board can message a resident, this replaces e-mails, letters and phone calls.

Keep track of all important dates for annual meetings, garden club, and all other days an organiser needs to keep track of attendance. Residence can “attend” or “not attend”.


Every “app within the app” has different colours. The app is tested for colour-blindness to make sure it’s easy to use for all. The app will be the language your phone is set for. It’s made with clear symbols and easy to use - we call it “grandma approved!”


Post on the information board to inform all residents about important things such as renovations, new door code, or be the helpful neighbour who finds the rightful owner to that missing jacket you found.

BBQ spot - booking

Does your building have a BBQ for everyone to use? Great! Let’s make it easier to book so residents knows when it’s free to use.


Events, gather neighbours for annual meetings, garden club and other social occasions. Residents choose to attend or not attend, no need to wonder who many that’ll show up this time.

Event room - booking

Does your building have a room for rent to host parties, meetings or other social events? Make it bookable through the event room app.

Laundry room booking and communications system

Book the laundry room through our dynamic laundry booking app. Use the shared facilities efficient.

Message between co-op board and residents

The co-op board can message a resident, this replaces e-mails, letters and phone calls.

Guest apartment - booking

Got guests visiting? Book the guest room with the guest house booking app. Your guest deserve the best comfort possible.

Documents from the Board

All important documents regarding the building in one place. Co-ops shares annual reports and other financial documents in this app.